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Meeting customers’ unique needs for butyllithium.

For decades, customers have continued to trust Albemarle’s technical expertise and chemical science know-how for their butyllithium needs.

Serving a diverse range of industries – from tires and plastics to pharmaceuticals – Albemarle provides customized concentrations and solvents manufactured globally for easy access to our products:

  • Americas: New Johnsonville, TN
  • Europe: Langelsheim, Germany
  • Asia: Taichung, Taiwan

Versatility of Butyllithium

Butyllithium from Albemarle is critical to the rubber and plastics industries as an anionic initiator for polyisoprene, polybutadiene and butadiene/styrene copolymers. Additionally, butyllithium is an increasingly valuable tool in the organic synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), agrochemicals, and electronic materials. Due to its strong base strength, it can be used as versatile reagents for the metalation (deprotonation or metal-halogen exchange) of organic substrates.

Albemarle offers a variety of packaging and delivery options for customers' butyllithium requirements.

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