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A mine-to-market solution with Albemarle's battery grade bulk lithium metal.

Albemarle provides a mine-to-market solution for the supply of battery grade lithium metal, the purest form of lithium metal available on the market.

Lithium metal, used in its pure metallic form as well as in combination with other metals, forms the basic building blocks of high-performance materials used in a spectrum of industries such as aerospace, defense equipment, nuclear power generation, and land/sea transportation vessels.

Lithium is the lightest metallic element found in nature, and its unique properties allow it to form niche alloy combinations with high performance metals like aluminum and nickel to provide extraordinary and distinctive characteristics of strength, low density, toughness, stiffness, corrosion resistance, excellent mechanical properties and high-temperature performance.

Capturing this value allows manufacturing of high performance, low cost, and lightweight materials for aircrafts, transportation vessels, spacecrafts, satellites, and more. Reduction in weight also enhances safety and fuel efficiency.

Albemarle takes mining resources - such as lithium-rich brine and spodumene - through intermediates to produce bulk metal, providing a more secure supply chain for our customers. Battery grade metals are available in the form of ingots, rods and powders.

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