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ADMA® enables the synthesis of vital ingredients in many cleaners and sanitizers we use every day. 

ADMA®’s proprietary technology offers flexibility in producing single-cut carbon chain amines ranging from C8 to C16, meeting diverse needs for high-quality amines and custom blends.

Albemarle's ADMA® (alkyldimethylamine) tertiary amine is a raw material that helps create the chemistry that keeps countertops spotless, dishes clean, floors free of grime and laundry fresh. ADMA® is commonly used in the production of surfactants in cleaning solutions to improve their wetting and spreading properties, as an emulsifier to remove greasy stains, and helps build more persistent foam. Albemarle's ADMA® is also used in the synthesis of herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, soil conditioners and adjuvants.

Typical applications of these amines include quaternary derivatives, amine oxides and betaines that go primarily into the household, industrial and institutional cleaners and disinfectants, wood treatment, personal care, oilfield and water treatment solutions. We work with businesses globally to deliver high-quality single-cut amines and custom blends that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer.


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