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Meishan, Sichuan, China
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Job Description


  • 熟悉法律法规、政府、股东方关于HSSE培训的标准和要求,确保HSSE培训合规。Get familiar with laws and regulations, standards and requirements of the government and shareholders on HSSE training to ensure compliance of HSSE training.
  • 执行年度安全培训需求调查工作,分析并协助制定安全培训矩阵。 Implement the investigation of safety training needs,analysis and assist to make the HSSE training metrics.
  • 根据HSSE总体培训方案,细化各层级和各类别HSSE培训的详细计划和安排。According to the overall HSSE training plan, break down detailed plans and arrangements for HSSE training at all levels and types.
  • 开发各层级、各类别公司级HSSE培训材料,确保符合公司要求,并不断完善更新。Develop company-level HSSE training materials at all levels and types to ensure compliance with the requirements of company, and continuously improve and update.
  • 组织实施员工及承包商的公司级HSSE培训;Organize and implement the company-level HSSE training for our employees and contractors
  • 加强一线操作类人员HSSE培训,通过实操室等方式,进行能力考核,提升培训效果。 配合主管开发、实施新的有效培训方式,通过多种方式开展培训,包括移动端、线上学习平台等,持续提升培训有效性。Strengthen HSSE training for frontline operating personnel, conduct competency assessment through practical operation rooms and other methods, and improve the training effect. Cooperate with the supervisor to develop and implement new effective training methods, and carry out training in various ways, including mobile terminal and online learning platform, to continuously improve the effectiveness of training.
  • 协助主管按照需求拍摄安全培训视频Assist the supervisor to produce training video as requested.
  • 协助主管组建雅保在线学习平台Assist the supervisor to develop the ALB University online learning platform.
  • 编写安全管理规章制度Prepare safety management regulations.


  • 全日制本科及以上学历,安全工程、消防、化工等相关专业;
  • Bachelor degree or above, safety engineering, fire protection, chemical engineering and other related majors;
  • 3年以培训相关工作经验,具有石油化工外资行业经验优先
  • ​3 years of training-related work experience, experience in the petrochemical foreign investment industry is preferred
  • 丰富的安全管理知识,性格外向开朗,表达能力强
  • Rich safety management knowledge, outgoing and cheerful personality, strong expression ability
  • 注册安全工程师证书。培训培训师(Train to Trainer)证书优先
  • Registered safety engineer certificate.Train to Trainer certificate is preferred
  • 熟练使用MS Office办公软件(Office、Excel、PPT等);
  • Proficient in using MS Office office software (Office, Excel, PPT, etc.);
  • 具备良好的英文听说读写能力
  • good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills
  • 有化工设计院背景最佳

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