Mechanical Technician

Qinzhou, Guangxi, China
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Full Time
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Job Description

This position holder responsible for maintaining production equipment availability and performance at satisfactory levels through the planning, scheduling, coordinating and reporting of repair activities. Assure resources are available and adequate to complete these tasks.


1.  Responsible for daily inspection of mechanical equipments, promptly solve any problems found, and report any problems that cannot be eliminated in a timely manner.


2.  Responsible for the maintenance, and lubrication tasks of mechanical equipment.


3.  Proficiently master the maintenance skills of various mechanical equipment in the company, understand the characteristics of the equipments, be familiar with the structural principles, technical specifications, and relevant compliance operating procedures of the equipments.


4.  Fill in mechanical equipment inspection and maintenance records on time, and improve equipment archives.


5.  Assist in the installation, debugging, and acceptance of new equipments.


6.  Direct production operators to operate equipment correctly and supervise the primary maintenance of equipment.


7.  Follow corporate regulations and procedures strictly, Carry out corporate safety procedures and safety systems strictly.


8.  Understood HSE & Fire-fighting hazard with in his/her position and at workplace. To implement position safety responsibility strictly. To protect and use all kinds of safety equipment. To correctly wear and use PPEs correctly.


9.  To understand the emergency treatment measures, to strengthen the ability on accident prevention and emergency response. be aware of his/her rights and duties in safety production and environmental protection.


10. Develop and maintain equipment ledger and follow up the applying and data update.


11. Assist in the management of maintenance tools and spare parts, planning, reporting, receiving, and safekeeping of maintenance tools and spare parts.


12. Support maintenance MI and Reliability work. To assist on equipment failure, emergency response and accident investigation if concerned.


13. Actively participate in various meetings, training, and activities organized by the company and departments.


14. Seriously study the relevant skills and equipment knowledge of this position, and obtain relevant special operation qualification certificates


15. Carry out relevant 5S and TPM work.


16. Be able to accept shifts. Assist or lead the on duty personnel in handling temporary faults to ensure normal production.


17. Complete all relevant matters arranged .


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