Maintenance Technician(机修工)

Xinyu, Jiangxi, China
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Be an essential element to a brighter future. 

We work together to transform essential resources into critical ingredients for mobility, energy, connectivity and health. Join our values-led organization committed to building a more resilient world with people and planet in mind. Our core values are the foundation that make us successful for ourselves, our customers and the planet. 

Job Description


1、 根据公司及车间管理制度,负责完成生产设备的维修保养,对设备进行定期检修,排除隐患,确保设备正常使用,保障生产计划任务的顺利完成;

2、 严格遵守公司的各项管理制度,执行本岗位的安全操作规程,提高自我安全素养,持证上岗;

3、 熟悉设备的结构性能,技术规范和有关合规操作规程;

4、 掌握设备的运行情况,技术状况和缺陷情况,按时准确地做好检修、保养记录工作,维修后及时清洁维修现场,确保维修后设备能正常快速运行;

5、 负责设备、工具的使用保管以及设备备品、备件的管理;

6、 负责日常生产设备的维修及零件申购工作,技术要全面(指设备维修、焊接等方面);






1. 全日制中专及以上学历,化学化工、机电一体化、机械工程等相关专业;

2. 五年以上大中型制造企业的机器(机械)设备维修工作经验

3. 熟悉化工企业机电设备;

4. 特种作业操作证(电焊和热切割)。

5. (会简单使用MS office办公软件(Office、Excel、PPT等);)

We are partners to one another in pioneering new ways to be better for ourselves, our teams, and our communities. When you join Albemarle, you become our most essential element and you can anticipate competitive compensation, a comprehensive benefits package, and resources that foster your well-being and fuel your personal growth. Help us shape the future, build with purpose and grow together.

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