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Tai Pei, Changhua County, Taiwan
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Job Description

1. 將原材料從生產存儲區域搬運到工作地點,查驗入料分裝品名及數量是否正確,然後根據配方將其添加到反應器中,直到產品包裝移入倉庫。

Handle the raw materials from the production storage area to the working place and confirm loading material product name and quantity are correct, then add them in the reactor according to the recipe, until the product packaging moves into the warehouse.

2. 按照SOP的定義,在操作中保持KOP(關鍵操作參數)和CCP(關鍵控制點)

Maintain KOP (key operating parameters) and CCP (critical control point)  in the operating window as defined in the SOP’s.

3. 監控設備和製程參數

Monitor equipment and process parameters.

4. 如果您已被任命為控制室操作員,保持監控整個生產過程,執行DCS監控的配方所需的操作,並指導現場操作員操作其部分生產過程

If you have been appointed control room operator; keep an overview of the total production process, do the actions required  by the recipe monitored by the DCS and guide the field operator in operating his part of the production process.

5. 將生產過程參數或簽名據實填入生產紀錄

Write the process parameters in the protocols according to the time schedule and sign the protocols.

6. 對KOP偏差的原因進行初步診斷

Give a preliminary diagnosis for causes of KOP deviations.

7. 嚴格遵守SOP

Follow scrupulously the SOP’s.

8. 如有偏差或不安全情況,請致電並通知班長

Call and inform the shift supervisor in case of deviation or unsafe situation. 

9. 取樣並在相關時進行分析

Take sample and do the analyze when relevant.

10. 了解工廠的SIL分類以及有影響的SCOP/MOC文件

Is aware of  the SIL classification of plant and of  the MOC files which have an impact on plant.

11. 按照時間表對設備(接地,升降機,眼睛緊急沖淋….等)進行生產安全檢查

Do the safety checks given to production according to schedule (earthing, lift, eyes safety shower,..).

12. 通知下一班操作員所有在班期間發生的所有相關生產問題

Inform the operator of the next shift of all relevant production issues happened during self-shift.

13. 對工作場所進行環境整潔

Do  the housekeeping and responsible of the cleanliness of working place.

14. 對於負責的設備進行一級保養,並協助維修部門排除機械及設備故障

Do  the 1st level of maintenance in accordance with the approved fix it yourself list,  and assist maintenance staff to trouble shoot the equipment problems.

15. 依據課長要求,在工作場所培訓新操作員

Train new operators on the working place if ask by the shift supervisor.

16. 在年度評估中製定行動計劃,以提高自己的多能工技能

Do the action plan define during the annual appraisal in order to become multi skilled.

17. 做任何事前都能有成本意識,以避免浪費

Act with cost consciousness in order to avoid waste.

18. 參加緊急和安全設備的功能測試

Participate in the functional testing of emergency and safety equipment.

19. 參與跟工廠有關的SHE/Quality巡檢

Participate to SHE/Quality inspection according to the annual planning.

20. 參加適合的人力資源程序(評估,培訓,溝通會議……)

Participate to the HR procedures applicable (appraisal, training, communication meetings….).


Propose to improvement ideas, and take the initiative to participate in related LSS activities and co-work with other teams in various roles (project member, leader, coacher ...), take proactive actions and use appropriate methods to identify opportunities for improvement.

22. 完成主管交辦事項

Completed assignments from the supervisor.

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