Texas Employees Fund Educational Programming

The La Porte Education Foundation helps teachers by providing grant funding to support the execution of special projects and educational activities with their students. Through the foundation, teachers submit grant request applications. A designated approval committee then reviews the applications and selects the best to receive grant funding. After application winners are selected, the organization organizes an event called “Dollar Patrol" where they spend the day surprising the winners on campus by gifting them the funds needed to support their educational programs. Dollar Patrol is a true team effort and cheerful community-building experience. This year, members of the La Porte Education Foundation team, community volunteers, civic leaders and student representatives from the LPHS band, cheerleading squad, drill team and yearbook staff piled into busses to join in the fun and surprise grant recipients with the big news!

The Albemarle Foundation and our team in Texas have been thrilled to support such a great cause. Last year, the foundation contributed $25,000 to La Porte Education Foundation for their Dollar Patrol program. As a result of this collaborative community work, this year, a grand total of $150,000 was distributed into the La Porte intermediate school district during the Dollar Patrol event.