#I am Albemarle: Alivia Pinnix

Meet Alivia Pinnix. Alivia is a Diversity Recruiting Specialist at our office in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is a caring, thoughtful and passionately determined employee who is eager to support her coworkers by promoting, enhancing and fostering diversity in the workplace. In this video, Alivia shares more about her experience as an Albemarle employee, and how it has shaped her passion for the important work that she does. Alivia is Albemarle.


Want to know Alivia's opinion on diversity in the office now? "Three years later I can say that Albemarle has further encouraged the diversity of people and thoughts. Our employees have recently started forming Connect Groups (ERGs), a platform used to share our diversity of thought with one another. I look forward to Albemarle’s journey with I&D and am excited that my role plays a part in it!"

More about #I am Albemarle:
This article is part of a larger social media campaign called, #I am Albemarle. #I am Albemarle seeks to spotlight our diverse, global team members and highlight the critical connections between employee identity and life at Albemarle. Throughout these short video segments, you will learn more about the importance of diversity and inclusion here at Albemarle and uncover the critical role that employees play in our company strategy and overall success. To follow along please visit our LinkedIn page or www.albemarle.com.