Tyrone Grows the Good for Local Veterans

For many Americans the Fourth of July means parades, picnics and fireworks. For our team in Tyrone, the Fourth of July means coming together for the Freedom Ride. Since 2011, The Albemarle Foundation Council in Tyrone has sponsored the annual Freedom Ride, a patriotic 10-mile bike ride that raises money for veterans at the James E. Van Zandt Medical Center in Altoona, PA.

In addition to the $5,000 donation from The Albemarle Foundation, employees participated in the event in a variety of ways. Some rode their bikes, some patrolled the race on their motorcycles to help keep the cyclists safe, some donated money and many cheered the riders along the route. All participants united to celebrate the Fourth and to support a worthy cause.

The event raised a total of $50,000, which will be used to further improve the recreational facilities for veterans at the James E. Van Zandt Medical Center. Past donations from the Freedom Ride have been used to renovate the bus used to take residents to events; build a miniature golf course for residents, outpatients and visitors; update the bingo system used by residents; purchase indoor versions of bowling, bocce ball and horse shoes; and renovate several outdoor areas.