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Our 800 acre site sits on one of the richest spodumene ore deposits in the world. In addition, this site produces battery-grade lithium hydroxide, lithium bromide, lithium chloride, USP-grade lithium carbonate, high purity lithium carbonate, batterygrade lithium metal products and lithium alloy powders. Our Global Technical Center and Piloting Operation has the capability to produce a wide range of new lithiumbased materials for battery applications. In addition, lithium-based chemicals including amides, hydrides, and alkoxides can also be made by our Pilot Plant. In 2012, we completed the design and construction of a new world-class 5,000 metric ton battery-grade lithium hydroxide plant and a new state-of-the-art 57,000 square feet Global Technical Center making Kings Mountain one of the most sophisticated advanced lithium material sites in the world. In the


New products are developed at the pilot plant in Kings Mountain, NC, which has been in operation since 1997 and produces a wide range of new chemicals, including amides, hydrides and alkoxides. At Kings Mountain, lithium bromide brine is manufactured for use in industrial absorption refrigerators as well as lithium bromide anhydrous for dehydrobromation reactions of organic compounds and as a conductive salt in lithium battery electrolytes. Lithium chloride brine is important for dehumidification in food and other industries where moisture control is critical. Other products at Kings Mountain include USP grade lithium carbonate for use in the treatment of bipolar disorders, reagent and high purity grades of lithium carbonate. Albemarle is a leading manufacturer of lithium metal products for the lithium battery industry, including lithium ingot and lithium metal foils. Lithium in the form of lithium aluminate is produced in Kings Mountain. This form of lithium is used in fuel cells which electrochemically convert hydrogen and oxygen (from the air) into electricity and water.


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