Asia & Australia


Albemarle in Asia

Albemarle has been active with its Lithium business in Asia since the 1960s via subsidiaries of its former owner Metallgesellschaft AG.

In the 1990s with expanding markets in particular for butyllithium specialties and battery products the company decided to set up 100% owned subsidiaries in order to provide customer an improved support.

Interestingly the founder of our Lithium business, Kurt Netto, was in Japan at the end of the 19th century, working as a mining engineer for Japanese mines and founding Japan’s first academic mining school at the Tokyo University before he came back to Germany and joined Metallgesellschaft AG.

The connection to Asia has a long tradition at Albemarle. Till now, the Asian market is one of our most important markets.

Albemarle in Australia

In May 2014 Albemarle acquired a 49% share in Talison Lithium Pty Ltd.

Talison is the leading spodumene producer with the largest and richest spodumene mine in the world.