Resid Upgrading


Fixed Bed Resid

Fixed Bed Resid (FBR) hydrotreating catalysts are used to remove sulfur, nitrogen, metals, Conradson Carbon Residue (CCR), and asphaltene from refinery resid feedstocks.

FBR catalysts improve product properties by heteroatoms removal and hydrogen addition for downstream Residue Fluidized Catalytic Cracking (RFCC) and fuel oil production. Albemarle’s position as supplier of both FBR and FCC catalysts allows it to help optimize the productivity of combined FBR and RFCC operations.

Ebullated Bed resid

Ebullated Bed Resid (EBR) hydrocracking catalysts are used to convert refinery resid feedstocks into naphtha, diesel and VGO fuels while removing sulfur, nitrogen, metals, Conradson Carbon Residue (CCR), and asphaltene.

The primary objective of EBR hydrocracking is to facilitate high conversion barrels. However, commercial operations are strongly hindered by downstream fouling problems due to sediment formation in the products.

Albemarle optimizes its EBR hydrocracking catalysts for specific crude applications and refinery objectives.

Albemarle owns strong catalytic technology platform for sediment control that enables a wide variety of EBR hydrocracking catalysts for different objectives of asphaltene and sediment control, high conversion-barrels, and reduction of sulphur, nitrogen and CCR.