Introducing KF 774 PULSAR™ Clean Fuels Catalyst for Middle Distillates Hydrotreating

  • Leverages the core technology of the PULSAR™ catalyst platform
  • Provides extended HDS, HDN, and Aromatic Saturation activity and additional stability for medium and medium-to-high pressure diesel hydrotreaters
  • Newest next-generation Clean Fuels Technology catalyst

KF 774 PULSAR™ is Albemarle’s and Nippon Ketjen’s newest next-generation Catalyst Technology. KF 774 PULSAR™ is a catalyst that utilizes a novel active phase technology with extremely high metals dispersion and efficiency that provides added flexibility in today’s refinery operations. The catalysts in the PULSAR™ family, KF 787 and KF 774, can be used in combination as part of Albemarle’s STAX® capability to tailor performance to specific refinery operational needs.

Earlier, Albemarle introduced next generation ACTION+ Catalyst Technology, which provides maximum LPG olefinicity with unrivaled butylene/propylene selectivity and preserves those species which maximize gasoline octane in an FCC/FCCU.

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