Since our entry in the market in 1995, the need for customers to reduce their Isomerization catalyst expenses has driven our development efforts towards creating cost effective catalysts for paraffin Isomerization.

In cooperation with Axens, considerable effort was expended in developing ATIS-2L and ATIS-1L. The challenge was clear – to bring a catalyst to market with the high activity typical of our previous AT catalysts, with lower fill costs and platinum requirements.

At Albemarle, we continue to focus on designing the most cost-effective refining catalysts for our customers. With the ATIS product line, we can provide documented economic benefits for your operations. ATIS-2L’s 20% lower density contributes to savings in platinum requirements. For a typical 10,000 barrels per day unit, replacement of an incumbent catalyst with ATIS-2L allows a refiner to convert approximately 500 troy ounces of platinum to cash. The extra activity of ATIS-2L typically provides an increase in the isomerate research octane number (RON) of 0.2.


ATIS-1L is an amorphous, platinum-promoted, chlorided alumina catalyst for the isomerization of n-butane.


ATIS-2L is an amorophous, platinum-promoted, chlorided alumina catalyst for the isomerization of C5/C6 paraffins.