STARS Technology


STARS® technology shines with major award from Japan’s catalyst manufacturers Association

STARS® Super Type II Active Reaction Sites) technology has been awarded the 2014 Technology Award from the Catalyst Manufacturers Association, Japan. A breakthrough technology developed by Nippon Ketjen Co., Ltd and Albemarle Corporation, STARS was the first commercially available hydroprocessing catalyst technology that could deliver 100% Type II active sites.

KetjenfineTM 757 and 848, the first catalysts in the STARS portfolio, were launched shortly before the introduction of clean fuels regulations in Japan, Europe and North America. These innovative products delivered a step change in desulfurization performance that helped refiners substantially reduce capital expenditure and increase revenue from early adoption incentives for clean fuels.

Today, approximately 30% of global diesel production involves STARS catalysts. This highly prestigious award recognizes both the widespread global utilization and impressive track record of this highly innovative platform.