The Gold Standard for Catalytic Hydrotreating: Nebula


Nebula® is the latest, highest activity-shaped base metal catalyst and is the gold standard in catalytic hydrotreating. Jointly developed by Albemarle and ExxonMobil, Nebula has been successfully applied in practically all HPC applications, from naphtha hydrotreating to hydrocracking pretreatment.



Nebula's characteristics give rise to a tremendous hydrogenation and denitrification activity — twice as much with respect to conventional catalyst — which can be used when extreme performance are sought. It represents the greatest step forward since the beginning of hydroprocessing catalyst development in the 1950s.

Nebula gives refiners market-leading hydrogenation power, leading to increased HDS, HDN, and HDA activity. Due to its superior activity, Nebula is ideal as a drop-in solution in your existing HPC unit utilizing Albemarle's STAX® technology. Nebula can positively impact the complex units of a whole refinery, in addition to the individual unit.

Top performance across the entire refinery

Nebula is a commercially proven catalytic solution, with over 5,000 MT sold to over 60 individual users since its initial commercialization. And it is capable of unlocking value across several HPC segments, including ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) as well as LCO and VGO hydrocracking.


Click here to download the Nebula infographic, which gives detailed look into Nebula's features and benefits.

See a selection of case studies of recent Nebula applications below.


But successfully overcoming today's most difficult refining challenges is not only about the catalysts themselves. It’s about how the catalysts are used. At Albemarle, we have a more intelligent way of leveraging catalyst technology to extract maximum value.

And that includes our proprietary approach to catalyst application and loading design, led and continually refined by our specialized team. Our people’s ongoing support and partnership with clients ensures optimized and sustained performance over time.

Our approach is composed of:

  • Our people’s intense focus on uncovering the unique requirements and opportunities facing each client
  • Our and continually refined by our specialized team
  • A true optimized and sustained performance over time
  • Making our clients successful is what drives each one of us – every day