New from Albemarle R&D: KF 870 and KF 880 STARS


At Albemarle, we intelligently leverage catalyst technology to extract maximum value. We continually seek new ways to make our clients more successful, developing new catalysts and new ways of applying catalysts to help our clients uncover more value.

We work hard to understand each client’s unique challenges and goals and are eager to introduce two new additions to our portfolio of Intelligent Catalysts. Introducing KF 870 & 880 STARS®, new from Albemarle R&D.


KF 880 STARS® is Albemarle’s new premium NiMo catalyst for distillate hydrotreating applications. KF 880 is the perfect solution for achieving additional volume swell, cetane uplift and for increased upgrading of distressed feedstock to high-value diesel.

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KF 870 STARS® is Albemarle's next generation, high-activity NiMo catalyst for Hydrocracking Pretreatment, offering exceptional performance at even the most severe process conditions.

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KF 870 Infographic

KF 880 Infographic

Our approach is composed of:

  • Our people’s intense focus on uncovering the unique requirements and opportunities facing each client
  • Our and continually refined by our specialized team
  • A true optimized and sustained performance over time
  • Making our clients successful is what drives each one of us – every day