The new breakthrough catalyst for low and medium-pressure middle distillates hydrotreating

Research in alternative approaches to hydrotreating (HT) catalyst design and production has led Albemarle to introduce a new, superior generation of catalysts: PULSAR™.

PULSAR™ is a breakthrough technology that enables precise control of the morphology and of the dispersion of the metal active phase. The active metals slabs in PULSAR™ catalysts are smaller, better dispersed, and feature a very narrow size distribution.


KF 787

The first grade of this new generation is KF 787 PULSAR™, a fully flexible MD HT catalyst that performs consistently across the whole MD application segment, from SRGO hydrotreating at well below 20 bar ppH2, to heating oil production in the 25 to 35 ppH2 range, to cracked stock upgrading to high quality diesel at 50 bar ppH2.

KF 787 PULSAR™ is designed to bring high returns primarily for refiners that process high nitrogen and cracked feedstock, including operations constrained by low operating pressure and limited hydrogen availability. Its performance advantage can be monetized in different ways, depending on the technical needs and the economics at play, starting from increased upgrading of distressed feedstock to ULSD, with higher density uplift as an additional benefit, to longer operating cycles, leading to lower changeout and downtime costs.

KF 787 Pulser Chart

As new applications are being explored, future PULSAR™ grades are being perfected that will be introduced shortly.