Galexia™ platform of hydroprocessing catalysts and services

The transformative Galexia platform of specialty hydroprocessing solutions combines state-of-the-art catalysts and unsurpassed service expertise to optimize your operation and identify high-value opportunities for step-out growth and profitability.

  • Leverages companies’ extensive hydroprocessing knowledge to tap into full potential of high-performing Nebula®, Celestia™ and MIDW™ specialty catalysts
  • Industry-leading activity enables new opportunities and operational flexibility.
  • Delivers tailored, drop-in solutions for catalyst refills to help refiners optimize performance and efficiency
  • Ensures customer demands are better addressed throughout the value chain
  • Builds on long-term, expert relationship that led to the development and commercialization of several key industry catalysts used around the world



The Galexia platform includes breakthrough Celestia™ HDT catalyst, as well as Nebula® and MIDW™ catalysts. Application of these technologies in distillate hydrotreaters, as well as in light cycle oil (LCO) and vacuum gas oil (VGO) hydrocracker pretreaters, have yielded exceptional returns.

Celestia Catalyst

Celestia™ catalyst
Delivering extraordinary results at ExxonMobil refineries around the world since 2015, Celestia bulk metal catalyst technology provides step-change benefits in hydrotreating activity and processing capability.
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Nebula® catalyst

Nebula® catalyst
Generating exceptional customer loyalty, Nebula catalyst technology provides ultra-high hydrogenation power, increasing hydrodesulfurization (HDS), hydrodenitrogenation (HDN) and aromatic saturation activity.
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MIDW™ catalyst

MIDW™ catalyst
Backed by forty years of ExxonMobil innovation in diesel dewaxing, MIDW catalyst technology provides high yields of low cloud point diesel, converting waxy paraffins to higher performance molecules.

Galexia services

The combined, complementary expertise of ExxonMobil and Albemarle is unsurpassed in the industry, as is our shared commitment to implementing best practices and to achieving results that help refiners succeed. Services include:

Refinery optimization

Refinery optimization – The Galexia platform goes beyond traditional product offerings to help refiners optimize performance/efficiency by analyzing plant operations and identifying value across the refinery. With the Galexia platform, refiners will be able to:

  • Meet refinery targets by maximizing the value of state-of-the-art catalysts
  • Deliver superior performance in existing units by optimizing reactor configurations and catalyst loads derived from extensive experience in profitable refinery operations

Galexia service workers

Collaborative, expert Galexia services – Uniquely leveraging the technical experience, refinery operating know-how and successful track record of both companies, with the Galexia platform refiners will receive value-added services in addition to a comprehensive integrated suite of products

Success story

Celestia catalyst was loaded into a high-pressure hydrocracker processing vacuum gasoil, light cycle oil and heavy coker gasoil.


* Increase cycle length to align turnarounds
* Increase HDC yields at equal cold-flow properties

Optimized loadings

* ~40% Celestia and Nebula catalysts in pretreat reactor with NiMo hydrotreating catalysts
* ~15% MIDW catalyst in the hydrocracking downstream reactor



Projected ~30% cycle length improvement


5 wt% diesel yield improvement*


~10:1 return on catalyst change

*Projected in commercial unit, proven in pilot plant