The true solid alkylation process

Today, alkylate is a favorable blending component in the gasoline pool because it contains no olefins or aromatic compounds, has a low sulfur content, a limited heavy end, a low RVP and relatively high research and motor octane numbers. These traits, all favorable in producing environmentally "clean" gasoline, are strong incentives for a refiner to produce this component. However, existing liquid acid technologies fall short when it comes to an environmentally safe and friendly way of producing alkylate.

CB&I and Albemarle have jointly developed and commercialized the novel AlkyClean® technology with the unique and robust zeolite-based AlkyStar™ catalyst for producing high-quality alkylate without using liquid acid catalysts in the alkylate manufacturing process. This means that AlkyClean technology is inherently safer and “greener” than technologies employing liquid acids due to the elimination of the handling of hazardous liquid acids as well as environmental benefits derived from the elimination of the production of waste streams such as spent acids and acid-soluble oils. The world’s first commercial solid acid alkylation process applying the novel AlkyClean® technology has been demonstrated in the successful startup (July-August 2015) and operation at the Wonfull Refinery in Shandong Province, China.


The AlkyClean® process employs a robust zeolite catalyst formulation coupled with a novel reactor processing scheme to yield a high quality alkylate product.