Albemarle supplies top performance catalysts, technologies and related services to the petroleum refining and chemical industries.

Growing global demand for fuel and advanced materials —and the requirement that tomorrow’s products be created in an efficient, yet environmentally responsible manner—plays directly to our chemistry expertise and innovative technologies.

Albemarle provides top-performance catalysts, technologies and related services to the refining, petrochemical and electronics industries. Through a variety of applications, our global network of industry-leading professionals can tackle the toughest challenges. Together with our partners, we continue to drive innovation and deliver value to our customers through our two primary divisions: Heavy Oil Upgrading (FCC catalysts) and Clean Fuel Technologies (HPC catalysts).

Albemarle also combines a robust portfolio of polyolefin catalysts, catalyst components, and synthesis tools for the polymers, electronics, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other specialty markets. We also offer a line of curative chain extenders and cure promoters to further broaden the reach of our diversified portfolio.

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