What Would You Do with an EV Car for a Week?

What Would You Do with an EV Car for a Week?

Carlos Elliott works at our Kemerton lithium hydroxide processing plant that is gearing up to power the world's electric vehicles, but he's never been inside an EV before.


“The irony of working in a cutting-edge industry enabling the transition to green power and the manufacturing of EVs, and never before experiencing one for myself, is not lost on me."

Elliott won a free 'EV for a Week' trial through his membership with Western Australia's Royal Automobile Club (RAC). He decided to put the car's battery to the test by taking it on a 230km site-seeing expedition in southwest Australia. Arriving home and expecting zero battery charge, he was surprised to find the trip only used 59% of the car's lithium battery.

​Not every day of the week-long trial was filled with a leisurely highway drive; instead, Elliott often had normal errands to run. On one of the days when he went to a local shopping center, he placed the car on charge and was blown away that it took only 34 minutes to go from 20% charge to 90% charge.

“Having the EV for a week with the family was an incredible experience, and now I'm thinking we'll replace one of our family cars with an EV," Elliott said.

After Elliott's experience, he said he's even prouder of the work he's doing at Albemarle to change the future of driving in Australia and across the world.

The RAC trial is offered to 50 club members until mid-2023 and uses two 100% electric, five-star safety-rated Polestar 2 cars with single 170-kilowatt electric motors and a 478km range.

For more information about the RAC trial, click here.