Supporting those Impacted by COVID-19

Supporting those Impacted by COVID-19

With new challenges arising in response to COVID-19, now more than ever, it's important to focus on the things we can control – like taking measures to keep ourselves healthy, and supporting those in need. In this article, Sandra Holub, Executive Director, Albemarle Foundation, talks about the value of philanthropy during this time. She also shares ways for Albemarle employees to stay connected by growing the good from the safety of their own homes. Learn more below!

The smallest steps can forge a path forward to help us realize that we do have power and control, even in the face of something that makes us feel stressed, uncertain and vulnerable. As I think about the impact of COVID-19 on our world, I want to remain a source of encouragement by reminding us all that as an Albemarle family, we can use this time to embrace our responsibility and accountability to each other and our world.

Though not always top of mind, the nonprofit sector actually provides much of what is most valuable in education, social service, arts, culture, recreation, and delivering human services. In fact, there an estimated 10 million NGOs worldwide. Philanthropy is well positioned to play a crucial role in responding to this public health challenge because non-governmental organizations are frequently on the front lines in responding to crises, and are trusted partners in the communities where they live and operate.

Over the last few weeks, I have heard Albemarle employees across the globe ask, “How can I get involved and help make a difference?" While typical volunteer opportunities are no longer an option because of the need for social distancing, there are still many ways to #GrowTheGoodFromHome and support the nonprofit sector and in turn, those in need. Here are some ways you can help:

Ways to Grow the Good from Home

Contribute through the Albemarle Foundation:
During this time, the Albemarle Foundation has initiated a special matching gift program that will get dollars directly to the communities where we live and operate – all across the globe! By donating through the attached link, all dollars will be matched and site foundation councils will make grants to local non-profit organizations meeting the COVID challenge head on and in-need of resources. To make a donation, please click here.

Donate to your favorite local charity and double your impact:
If you would prefer to send a donation to a specific charity of choice (not directly to the Albemarle Foundation) please send an email to with the date, contribution amount, organization name and location. The Foundation will match all contributed dollars to locally identified organizations through site foundation council recommendations and you double your community impact!

Join the conversation online:
If you have found another way to grow the good from home, let us know! We will also highlight at-home outreach opportunities for consideration in the future. Something as simple as inspirational chalk messages on sidewalks and driveways, can brighten someones day. Join the conversation on social media by telling us about your efforts using the hashtag #growthegoodfromhome.

Love our neighborhood ! Keeping the positive vibes coming.

In this time, we are all reminded of the importance of acting for the common good, of exercising shared responsibility, of remaining accountable to ourselves and each other.  This is the power we have to take control when a situation challenges us unlike we've ever been challenged before. Please join me today by taking a small step forward: look out for each other, check on your neighbors and friends, and support small businesses and local nonprofits who are doing great work. If you do, we will emerge together, stronger and better from the challenges of this pandemic experience.

Appreciate YOU,
Sandra Holub