Responding Together in the Fight Against Discrimination

Responding Together in the Fight Against Discrimination

Albemarle condemns any act of hate, discrimination or violence against any minority community. Every senseless and heartbreaking event reminds us that we must work much harder to be empathetic, challenge ourselves to be better, and choose peaceful, constructive actions to fight racism and hate. Every one of us has this responsibility.

Adding to the anxiety of a global pandemic and economic uncertainty, these feelings can be overwhelming. Our colleagues and community members need our support more than ever as we manage through this difficult time.

We must keep moving forward in the fight against discrimination. I strongly believe that our values serve as our North Star to keep guiding our steps in the right direction. To see positive change, we must:

  • Care for each other's well being, be compassionate, and support one another in meaningful ways.
  • Show humility and transparency by acknowledging the many ways discrimination continues to tear at our communities and how our unconscious biases undermine inclusion.
  • Stay curious about diverse experiences and perspectives and encourage open dialogue to help broaden our views and support our colleagues.
  • Be courageous by listening to your colleagues. Ask them how they feel and how they are doing.
  • Collaborate on constructive actions we can all take to create positive change.
  • Show integrity by doing what is right and being consistent in those actions at all times.

We stand with all groups that have suffered discrimination and are committed to being a force for change in our company and society. Great change comes with great commitment. Through our collective commitment to our values and plan, we will fight discrimination and use the power of diversity and inclusion to strengthen Albemarle and our communities.

Kent Masters
Albemarle Chairman, President and CEO