National Engineers Week: Meet Sven Timmer

National Engineers Week: Meet Sven Timmer

February 20-26th is National Engineers Week. This week is dedicated to the notable and influential work engineers do every day. We hope to inspire you to learn about their contributions and hope others choose a career in engineering and technology. We want to introduce you to the significant contributions our Albemarle Employees are making every single day.

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Sven Timmer

Engineer Spotlight: Sven Timmer

Sven Timmer has been a Technology Resources Manager for our Catalysts Global Business Unit in Amsterdam since 2014. He earned his Professional Doctorate in Engineering in Process Design, and master's in chemical engineering from the University of Twente.

Timmer is an avid mountain bike rider. "Especially in real mountains, which are nowhere to be found in The Netherlands. As a duo with my best friend, I am training to complete the Bike Transalp stage race. Unfortunately, due to an injury, he had to withdraw from our attempt in 2019. We hope to finish this year," Timmer said.

How did you end up in the Catalyst industry?

Sven Timmer: After my university study, I looked for a job when the market was tight. I had no experience in Catalysis but found a good match with a hiring manager. After being hired, I had the chance to learn catalyst production technology and scale up several new catalyst grades towards commercialization. This experience led me to be part of a new catalyst plant's development and design team to be built in the U.S. It's an incredible feeling seeing the full-scale plant being built based on your initially sketched flow diagrams. The moment the plant started producing high-quality products to earn back the multi-million investment was quite exciting!

Tell us about a project you are proud to be a part of:

Sven Timmer: There are two projects that I would like to highlight. One of the projects that I enjoyed working on was the joint development of a new catalyst (RT-235). This development required step-out technologies, and we experienced many hurdles. In the end, the product performance exceeded initial expectations, and the production process has become reliable and robust.

In the last years, the Amsterdam site has renewed its environmental permit. I have been able to play an essential role in understanding the capabilities of the plants and executing improvement projects to significantly reduce emissions from our stacks and wastewater. With the Amsterdam site located near the city, it is critical to maintaining good relations with those that live nearby.

Sven Timmer | Albemarle Engineer