#IamAlbemarle: Living the Core Value of Collaboration

#IamAlbemarle: Living the Core Value of Collaboration

We firmly believe that how we interact with our colleagues, customers, neighbors and shareholders is important. To guide us in these interactions, we lean on our core values for direction. Across the globe, employees live our core values in their own way to create positive change in the communities where we live and work.

In this series, #IamAlbemarle Living our Values, we meet employees from around the world and learn about how they live our values through their day-to-day interactions. Today, we focus on the core value of Collaboration, which reminds us that two are better than one when two act as one. It also empowers us to perform our jobs and be accountable for the result. 

Watch the video below to see what Collaboration means to two global colleagues and learn more about each person below.

WenJin Hu serves as Warehouse Keeper at our Xinyu plant. She was nominated for #IamAlbemarle by a colleague who recognized her commitment to our core value of Collaboration. WenJin's role requires collaboration with many departments. In order to succesfully develop our inventory goods she partners with our Production, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Logistics and Procurement functions to ensure coordination. Additionally, she collaborates with other warehouse keepers, forklift operators and drivers to succesfully execute her role each day. 

Xiaoya Xiao 
​is our Xinyu site safety indicators Champion. Recently, our Xinyu and Chengdu site teams worked together to develop a process safety indicators report. The effort required collaboration from many and now helps drive our site safety process and promote continuous improvement. Many thanks to Xiao and the team for living the value of Collaboration! 

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