How Do You Respond To Change?

How Do You Respond To Change?

Pace of Change Series: Conversations with Albemarle Leaders

DeeAnne Marlow, Chief Human Resources Officer
September 13, 2019

If there's one thing I've learned during my years in people development, it's that humans adapt to change at different speeds and in different ways. When it comes to dealing with change, we all handle it uniquely. Some of us are highly resilient and can easily acclimate – shifting quickly from initial shock into action mode. Others need time and support to process change effectively.

It's important to acknowledge how change affects us and those around us. By better understanding and honoring the reactions and emotions involved, we can help everyone be more resilient in the face of change.

Change can be challenging for a lot of reasons. It can be complex and may require some heavy lifting. Other times we mourn the loss of something familiar. At first, the 'new way' might feel uncomfortable and there may be some kinks to work out. The 'new way' may initially take longer than the 'old way', reinforcing a false belief that the familiar way was indeed better.

To be more resilient to change, consider our values: be curious about what could be; act with courage and transparency by talking about your change-related struggles; step into the change with the curiosity of a problem solver; show humility by admitting what might be good about a change and acknowledge when a change you weren't sure about turns out great.

If you're currently experiencing a change situation that is difficult for you ─ I challenge you to start a conversation. Ask a coworker how they are dealing with it, reach out to your direct supervisor or connect with another leader you admire within Albemarle to gain a different perspective.

In today's fast moving and technically advancing world, we're all experiencing change together. The challenges of change are real, but if we don't change we'll fall behind. Through teamwork and a commitment to open communication, we can successfully navigate changes that push us ahead personally and as a company. Take the opportunity to work through the challenges and become part of the solution for successful change.

DeeAnne Marlow is Chief Human Resources Officer of Albemarle Corporation.

DeeAnne Marlow is Chief Human Resources Officer of Albemarle Corporation.

Marlow is responsible for all facets of Human Resources including leading execution of our Human Resources’ strategic plan and partnering with leadership to establish and implement key HR initiatives. Her focus is on achieving HR objectives and approaches with an emphasis on business partnerships, talent acquisition and development, compensation and benefits, inclusion and diversity programs, and HR operations.

This article is part of Albemarle’s internal “Pace of Change” series which aims to address how and why Albemarle’s business is evolving, while exploring ways to better understand and navigate the pace of change. To learn more about Albemarle Corporation, as well as, our values, careers, dedication to philanthropy and leadership, please visit