Employee Spotlight: Xilong Chen

Employee Spotlight: Xilong Chen

Meet Xilong Chen, Trainee Workshop Supervisor, working at our Chengdu, China site.

Employee Spotlight: Xilong ChenStrongest Value Connection: Curiosity

How do you feel your job connects to Albemarle's Purpose?

I joined Albemarle upon graduation in 2015, and immediately became engaged in the production process. Over the past five years, I have learned from my supervisors and mastered advanced lithium hydroxide manufacturing technologies. While I have inherited and carried forward many proud traditions, I have also improved and optimized the process, helping our site consistently produce high-quality products. These actions contribute to our competitive advantage in the Lithium Salt industry.

What are you working on now that contributes to our ability to execute our strategy?
Here are some examples: Currently, I support the Production and Operation Manager to promote Operation Excellence at our site. We have established a production database where we identify bottlenecks during the production proces and work on solutions to fix them. Additionally, I am working with the Production department to set up daily production meetings to monitor the site's production performance, in order to reduce production loss. We have also established SOP (standard operating procedures) for corresponding operations in order to improve the execution taken by front-line supervisors.

How does your role power the potential of a safe and sustainable world?
I actively participate in our site's safety programs, for example, SCAN, through that we work to eliminate potential hazards. Additionally, we mitigate safety risks in the production process by using Management of Change (MOC) to evaluate and improve the corrective measures identified in process safety analysis. These actions help us create a safe working environment for our employees.

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