Employee Spotlight: Xiaoqing Xia

Employee Spotlight: Xiaoqing Xia

Meet Xiaoqing Xia, Production Operations Manager. Mr. Xia works at our Chengdu manufacturing site in China.

Employee Spotlight: Xiaoqing Xia

What are you working on now that contributes to our ability to execute our Strategy?
In my role, I lead a manufacturing team tasked with production of high-quality lithium salt products, specifically battery-grade lithium hydroxide. I have been in this industry for 14 years. During this time, my team and I have perfected our skills and made continuous production improvements allowing our products to become a well-known brand, worldwide. Our customers also feel the stability of our product quality, this is shown by the 100% satisfaction rating received in recent customer surveys. Our site's annual output is stable, and our manufacturing line can achieve maximum production potential compared to same-scale competitors in the industry. I believe that our high-quality products and stable production lines support Albemarle's goals and strategy. I’m proud that my capabilities are adding value to Albemarle.

How do you feel your job connects to Albemarle's Strategy?
At present, we are cultivating key positions and grass-roots management personnel in various sections to create a solid talent reserve to support the company's future growth. While consistently ensuring product quality, my team and I also focus on the assessment, transformation and implementation of process safety, so that we can increase safety awareness for the manufacturing team. This reflects our concern for employees and customers. Additionally, good communication and interaction with surrounding communities reflects our Core Values.

How does your role power the potential of a safe and sustainable world?
We are making safety a priority for all employees. My management team and I are leading by example when it comes to implementation of front-line safety leadership. We are incorporating work safety concepts and Albemarle's eight Life-Saving Rules into our daily operations. I’m making an impact on my team by sharing production process safety learnings and skills with them. Together, we are also continuously making improvements to support our environmental protection goals and to ensure compliance with regulations and standards in this area. I'm particularly proud of a recent project that used PDCA cycle filtration to improve dust control, creating a safer and healthier working environment for our employees.

How would you explain our Purpose to a new team member?
At Albemarle, we are proud to have the same goal of making the world safe and sustainable. For employees, we care about them on a personal level and help them discover their potential; for customers, we provide quality products; for communities, we maintain good connections. Team members need to ensure that their work is aligned with the company's purpose.

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