Employee Spotlight: Sean Christiansen

Employee Spotlight: Sean Christiansen

Meet Sean Christiansen, Director of New Business Development, located at our corporate headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. Learn what the Bromine Vision & Mission means to him, advice he would give others in his profession and more!

Which Core Value resonates with you the most and why?

Sean Christiansen

Collaboration. In my role of developing new products, collaborative efforts are instrumental when seeking new perspectives and creative thoughts. I believe that future solutions are not derived from the average perspective but rather are discovered by embracing diverse teams that stimulate new ideas far from the norm. By leveraging collaboration and fostering ideas generated from these efforts, we are driving the success of future Albemarle products.

How has the Bromine Vision & Mission inspired you in your work?
I'm fortunate to support several new product development efforts that reinforce the Bromine Vision of "creating a better tomorrow for the world we live in." I'm reminded on a daily basis of the impact of our work in terms of improving safety and the environment for generations to come. This work is paradigm changing as we continually examine new ways of using bromine to support a safer environment.

How has the Bromine Vision & Mission helped you achieve success?
The Bromine Vision & Mission has helped me significantly even from something as simple as reviewing its message at the start of meetings. This simple act has aligned the mindset of meeting attendees and encouraged their contributions in normally passive settings such as virtual meetings.

What work or achievement are you most proud of while at ALB?
I'm most proud of the work performed quantifying market opportunities and identifying market-driven product profiles we use to develop new products. This work has exemplified an ideal collaborative process with key contributions from Sales, Business, and Research & Technology functions. These efforts have greatly reduced the risk of venturing into new markets and improved the efficient use of R&D funds.

How long have you been in your current role as Director of New Business Development?
I joined Albemarle in my current role in January 2019 and it's been one of the most rewarding opportunities in my career. I'm inherently driven by the excitement of creating something others value and this role allows me to not only craft new products but to do so in a way that maximizes product value.

What is the best part about working in the Bromine GBU?
Working with incredibly talented people at Albemarle is the best part of my job. I consider myself lucky that I get to learn from world-class experts in various fields ranging from flame retardants to oilfield chemicals to biocides. Best of all, I'm inspired by the growth mindset of those around me which encourages me to avoid complacency and continually push myself to greater challenges.

What advice would you give others in your profession or people seeking to be in your profession?
My role requires a fair amount of humility. I have to refrain from following my opinions regarding what the market wants and instead focus on discovering what the market wants without my bias. Those seeking to develop new products and technologies will thrive if they're open-minded and see the world from their customer's perspective. One of the most valuable skillsets one can have in this role is understanding an audience and finding ways to deliver what they're seeking.

What inspirational quote would you like to share?
"Listening is the willingness to have your mind changed." Oscar Trimboli

This article is part of Albemarle’s internal “Bromine Employee Spotlight” series which explores the ways in which our global employees connect to the Bromine mission, vision and values. To learn more about Albemarle or our Bromine business, please visit www.Albemarle.com.