Employee Spotlight: Lauren Mophett

Employee Spotlight: Lauren Mophett

Meet Lauren Mophett, Global Product Manager, located at our corporate headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. Learn what the Bromine Vision & Mission means to her, achievements she is most proud of and more!

How long have you been with Albemarle?
I have been with Albemarle for 10 years and in my current role as global product business manager for a year.

Employee Spotlight: Lauren Mophett

Which value/statement resonates with you the most and why?
The emphasis on care resonates with me most. Caring for the well-being of people and our environment is of utmost importance.

How has the Bromine Vision & Mission inspired you in your work?
Courage fuels me to relentlessly do what I can to keep the business growing. 

How has the Bromine Vision & Mission helped you achieve success?
As someone with a technical background who is new to business, I appreciate Bromine’s culture of curiosity and collaboration which has been essential to my growth in this transition. 

What achievement are you most proud of (while at ALB)? 
After nearly 10 years with the company, I cannot call out one singular achievement that gives me pride.  Instead, my pride comes from the variety of roles, locations, and GBUs where I leveraged my chemical engineering background.  Each opportunity connected me with a fraction of the people who make this company great.

What is the best part about working in the Bromine GBU?

The best part is having an inside look at a successful GBU that has and continues to deliver sustainable growth.

What advice would you give others in your profession or people seeking to be in your profession?
Don’t be afraid of change – take that foreign assignment or apply for the role that makes you a little scared.

What inspirational quote would you like to share?
“It's how tenacious you are that will determine your success." - Steve Ballmer

This article is part of Albemarle’s internal “Bromine Employee Spotlight” series which explores the ways in which our global employees connect to the Bromine mission, vision and values. To learn more about Albemarle or our Bromine business, please visit www.Albemarle.com.