Employee Spotlight: Dinakar Gnanamgari

Employee Spotlight: Dinakar Gnanamgari

Meet Dinakar (Dino) Gnanamgari, Global Business Director, Lithium Specialties. Dino works at our Charlotte office.

Employee Spotlight: Dinakar GnanamgariStrongest Value Connection: Collaboration and Courage
I feel strongly connected to two core values at Albemarle: collaboration and courage. Currently, we are all going through a difficult period which seems to be evolving constantly. We will emerge stronger and united after this period if we collaborate across the globe and have the courage to speak up if Albemarle core values are being ignored. I am thankful to be part of a commercial team that constantly supports me in practicing these goals.

How do you feel your job connects to Albemarle's Strategy?
I have the pleasure of managing the Pharma/Polymer business that serves a diverse set of market segments. We produce high quality lithium and magnesium specialties that enable production of green automotive tires, synthesis of critical pharmaceutical ingredients and vital crop protection ingredients. This business truly contributes towards building a sustainable and safe world. I feel connected to our purpose by constantly learning about our customers and our employees that sustain this business.

What are you working on now that contributes to our ability to execute our Strategy?
I am currently working on leveraging our long-term customer partnerships and market knowledge to help drive growth projects in different market segments. We have a breadth of products that serve a variety of customer needs. Overall the market recognizes our deep knowledge of specialties, our multiple assets that can respond to varying demands across regions and our strong and uncompromising commitment to safety as our value proposition.

How would you explain our Purpose to a new team member?
The lithium business enables the growth potential of customers across diverse market segments. We are positioned well with the largest and lowest cost resource base, industry know-how and customer relationships to fundamentally alter energy usage/consumption across the globe. We are helping build a sustainable future for the world and this laudable goal excites us and pushes us to become better every day!

What excites you most about 2020 - as it relates to the Lithium business?
I enjoy working in a business that offers us exposure to market segments that can endure a recessionary cycle better than the overall market! We have a network of specialty assets that can serve multiple geographies and different customers. I have the pleasure of working with a broad commercial organization that brings new insights into new market applications/developments. This type of learning and collaborating keeps me constantly engaged!

Albemarle supplies butyl lithium to elastomer manufacturers that produce green tires with reduced rolling resistance. Reducing rolling resistance results in consumption of fewer gallons/liters of fuel on a yearly basis. Usage of these green tires contributes to lower CO2 emissions and increased fuel efficiency of vehicles. Now you know, thanks to Dino!

This article is part of Albemarle’s internal “Lithium Employee Spotlight” series which explores the ways in which our global employees connect to the Lithium purpose, strategy and values. To maintain the authenticity of our employees, no edits or alterations have been made to the responses featured within this series. To learn more about Albemarle or our Lithium business, please visit www.Albemarle.com.