Employee Spotlight: Ara Tan

Employee Spotlight: Ara Tan

Meet Ara Tan, Supply Planning Manager. Ara works at our Charlotte office.Employee Spotlight: Ara Tan
Strongest Value Connection: Care. I feel a strong connection to Care, as I believe that the rest stem from it. Having genuine concern for the well-being of others and the environment makes us curious, courageous, collaborative, humble, honest and transparent.

How do you feel your job connects to Albemarle's Purpose?

As part of the Lithium Supply Chain team, we align to Albemarle's purpose by planning, balancing, and allocating supply resources globally to meet the various needs of our many customers and stakeholders. Despite the daily challenges we face, I feel honored to be part of the Albemarle team in realizing our vision of making the world safe and sustainable by powering the potential of people.

What are you working on now that contributes to our ability to execute our strategy?

At the moment, we are on a journey toward a world class S&OP process that will enable growth of the Lithium business. Specifically, we are building a strong foundation in doing routine processes with the new tools – clarifying and aligning definitions and roles, cleaning-up master data, and establishing consistent business strategies.

How does your role power the potential of a safe and sustainable world?

Besides working on Lithium products that allow the world to be safe and sustainable, I believe our role in Supply Chain is a linchpin in the business. We help connect people and functions together and organize our processes safely and efficiently to ultimately transform our ability to execute. This, in turn, enables our customers to develop solutions for macro issues like energy storage, to synthesize pharmaceutical drugs or chemicals for various other applications.

How would you explain our strategy to a new team member?

Just as described above and perhaps by showing them the ropes as best as I can. As the slogan says, we live the values.

What excites you most about 2020 – as it relates to the Lithium business?

Being part of the Albemarle team in making the world safe and sustainable by powering the potential of people.

This article is part of Albemarle’s internal “Lithium Employee Spotlight” series which explores the ways in which our global employees connect to the Lithium purpose, strategy and values. To maintain the authenticity of our employees, no edits or alterations have been made to the responses featured within this series. To learn more about Albemarle or our Lithium business, please visit www.Albemarle.com.