Celebrating Curiosity, Courage and Innovation

Celebrating Curiosity, Courage and Innovation

Albemarle bringing innovation

At Albemarle, we are driven by our values - Care, Curiosity, Courage, Collaboration, Humility, Integrity and Transparency. These values offer guidance we need to achieve our purpose, and encouragement to be the best we can be. They are part of everything at Albemarle, from our daily interactions to our global company culture.

"Innovation is about taking ideas into commercial and operational reality. The Technology Awards celebrate the major achievements that we accomplished in 2019 and puts the spotlight on the individuals and teams that behind them." - Bob Leliveld, VP Recently, we celebrated the 2019 Albemarle Technology Awards, a program that recognizes employees for living our values to accomplish great things in the areas of innovation and technology. This year, we recognized 193 employees for their effort across 47 unique global projects. Winners were selected for fostering innovation and technology excellence through solutions that are driving a better future for our company, our customers and the world.

The award program, which is sponsored by technology leaders across our Bromine, Catalysts and Lithium GBU’s, recognizes recipients for the following categories - Customer Aligned Innovation, Technology Excellence, Manufacturing Innovation, Material Breakthrough, Safety in Practice, and Sustainability.

Congratulations to all those involved, and in particular, the recipients of the internally announced 2019 Albemarle Technology Awards! We thank you for your outstanding contributions and all you are doing to help make Albemarle's technology world-leading.


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