Catalysts Plant Employee Spotlights - van der Vliet, Crone and Jones

Catalysts Plant Employee Spotlights - van der Vliet, Crone and Jones

It takes teamwork to make things happen and to keep things going. While the world is experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic, Albemarle employees are being productive and working as a team – especially our plant employees that keep our plants running with little-to-no disruption. Let's learn about some of the Catalysts plant employees, their roles and how COVID-19 has affected them.

A big thank you to these dedicated team members whose individual actions are helping Albemarle achieve success!

Meet Frank van der Vliet

Shift Supervisor
Amsterdam Plant

Frank is a shift supervisor in the CMF plant, which includes FCC production. When on duty, he is primarily responsible for the production process. His shift was previously impacted when five out of the twelve operators on the shift were required to quarantine off-site in accordance with the company's COVID-19 protocols. Thankfully, none of these operators were diagnosed with COVID-19, and the shift is operating under normal business conditions. During this time, Frank demonstrated CARE by communicating very well with the employees and management on how to deal with the change. In addition, Frank has also shown COURAGE by sticking to the rules and protocols, even when it isn't easy.

Meet Travis Crone

Logistics Operator I
Bayport, Texas Plant

Travis is a Logistics Operator with 20 years of service with Albemarle. He is responsible for loading final product and unloading raw materials to ensure the sold out plants continue running. Travis has performed exceptionally during this challenging time by being an advocate on practicing, communicating and supporting Albemarle's COVID-19 protocols. In doing so, Travis has set up truck unloading stations to keep drivers and operators in compliance with site protocols when working with each other. These protocols include keeping safe distance, using different pens when signing paperwork and more. Travis and our logistics operations have demonstrated CARE by supporting and maintaining focus to keep themselves, visitors and the plant safe and running during this challenging time.

Meet Pam Jones

Contractor Safety Coordinator
Pasadena, Texas Plant

Pam maintains her essential safety role at the site, working closely with project construction coordinators, contractor sponsors and contractor crews, all while maintaining safe physical distances. She continues to demonstrate COLLABORATION and CARE through job discussions and tailgates that now take place via Skype and telephone. Pam maintains a presence at the site with her “in person” field audits and safety inspections being performed with additional PPE and safe distancing. COVID-19 precautions have not only impacted Pam’s role at work; she has maintained her support to the site while also managing a junior high and college student that are now at home due to COVID-19.