Catalysts Plant Employee Spotlights - Nguyen, Pickering and Giesberts

Catalysts Plant Employee Spotlights - Nguyen, Pickering and Giesberts

It takes teamwork to make things happen and to keep things going. While the world is experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic, ALL Albemarle employees are being productive and working as a team – especially our plant employees that keep our plants running with little to no disruption. Let's learn about some of the Catalysts plant employees, their roles and how COVID-19 has affected them.

A big thank you to these dedicated team members whose individual actions are helping Albemarle achieve success!

MEET Kim Nguyen

Lab Technician
Bayport, Texas Plant

The Bayport Analytical Research and Quality (BARQ) south lab is a 24/7 operation which supports the manufacturing plants in Bayport. This support includes daily analysis and equilibrium catalyst testing for our global refinery customers, who continue to submit samples for testing which is critical to their operations. To establish safe support during the COVID-19 outbreak, the 16 BARQ south lab technicians and supervisors collaborated across shifts to establish a drop-off window protocol. This protocol includes a disinfecting station for the shared bar code reader and keyboard, and enhances in-lab sample container disinfection before storing those samples for later testing. Kim is the senior most technician on one of four 4-person shift teams. Along with a few others, she has shown curiosity and stepped up to conduct advanced troubleshooting on many of our core instruments, and our automation station for determination of metals (rFUSION). In an effort to maintain normal service levels, she and others have coordinated input from our team members currently not on-site and vendors. Additionally, she has collaborated with management to develop contingency plans for the group.

Meet John Pickering

Operations PC: Alkyls Packaging
Pasadena, Texas Plant

As a Packaging team member with 24 years of plant experience, John is responsible for the safe and efficient processing of fleet tanks in the Alkyl area. John and the Packaging team continue to maintain a compliant and shippable fleet, fulfilling customer orders while navigating distractions associated with COVID-19 pandemic. John continues to execute a high standard of work without compromising the team's safety standards as they clean, inspect, test and load fleet tanks.

John also demonstrates Care and Courage when he takes action to follow Albemarle's COVID-19 protocols, even when it isn't easy. John's professional management of challenging situations brings with it a sense of calm and resiliency. John and the Packaging team have been able to maintain high standards and satisfy customers' needs while navigating the distractions presented by COVID-19.

Meet John Giesberts

Maintenance Supervisor
Amsterdam Plant

The maintenance team at Amsterdam performs tasks required to keep the plant running and the facilities in good condition. They normally work during office hours and there is a person on stand-by during nights and weekends to handle any potential malfunctions; however, sometimes the requirements extend beyond typical responsibilities, and the team will step up to the challenge.

John leads part of the maintenance team for the Amsterdam plant. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Albemarle has implemented social distancing protocols, which has required the team to be divided into smaller groups. When we had a scheduling issue, John and his team worked through the weekend. They kept involvement of others to a minimum to maintain proper social distancing, thus keeping everybody as safe as possible by lowering risk of exposure.