Albemarle to Produce Disinfectant in Response to Shortage Caused by COVID-19

Albemarle to Produce Disinfectant in Response to Shortage Caused by COVID-19

Over the next 10 weeks, our Langelshiem manufacturing site will begin to help fill a critical shortage of hand sanitizer for local community hospitals, nursing homes, doctor's offices and emergency response teams.

In reaction to the global COVID-19 pandemic, local officials in Goslar, Germany, (located near our plant site in Langelsheim), initiated a crisis task force to evaluate needs and coordinate a regional response to virus prevention. As part of this evaluation, a critical shortage of disinfectant was identified – with limited amounts of product available for the response teams – authorities looked at local production as a reliable solution. As the community's local expert in fine chemical manufacturing and handling, we were asked to support during the crisis by offering in-house production of a high quality hand sanitizer disinfectant.

Quote from Christian Brieke

This historic effort initiated late last month as a project team, led by Dr. Alexander Hübner, Plant Manager Pilot Plants, began temporary production of the much needed ethanol-based anti-viral disinfectant solution at our Pilot Plant in Langelsheim. Our local team will follow the official recipe recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the local German Association for Applied Hygiene (VAH). The county of Goslar will supply ethanol for the project, and we will source and supply the remaining raw materials – glycerol, hydrogen peroxide solutions and purified drinking water, plant equipment, packaging and labor.

We plan to produce just over 5,300 gallons of total volume, which will be spread over a flexible 10-week production schedule in an effort to ensure no customer orders or previously scheduled production at the Langelsheim facility will be affected. While the incremental financial impact to our profitability is limited, the impact for our community is significant.

Many global employees have been involved in the planning and execution of this important project to help close the gap of supply during this unprecedented time. We are grateful for their support and visible commitment to our values of care and collaboration.