Albemarle Sponsors English Access Program for STEM Students in Chile

Albemarle Sponsors English Access Program for STEM Students in Chile

Before social distancing was required, Albemarle Chile sponsored a program to help promote English proficiency of future leaders, particularly in the STEM field. The English Access Program is supported by the US Embassy in conjunction with Albemarle and the Municipal Corporation for Social Development of Antofagasta. Executed by the Universidad Católica del Norte, 21 students received a diploma accrediting their English language skills.

"Speaking a second language opens up worlds," said Ellen Lenny-Pessagno, Chile Country Manager, who invited students to follow their dreams and to always be learning. “At Albemarle we firmly believe that education is one of the fundamental pillars of development, that is why we support this initiative that marks a real contribution in the training of these young people with tools that will help them continue to forge their future."

Elena Palacios, director of the La Portada High School, said English Access is making a big impact on their students, not only because of English speaking skills, but also in personal skills. “We thank Albemarle for trusting us and for making this dream come true," she added.

Baxter Hunt, Chargé d'Affaires of the US Embassy in Chile, highlighted the value of the program sharing that the program will open many doors and opportunities for the 21 graduates.

Congratulations to the graduates and thank you to the employees in Chile for supporting this program and Growing the Good for these students!