At Albemarle, we believe in the POTENTIAL of every community to flourish.

Strengthening our communities by enhancing the quality of life for our employees, customers and neighbors through charitable giving, academic scholarships and volunteerism is one of our most important responsibilities. Over the years, Albemarle, our employees and our retirees have invested millions of dollars and countless volunteer hours in support of our communities. Today, we continue to build on this history of commitment and participation to make an even greater and more sustainable impact in the places where we live and work.

As individuals, and collectively as a global company, we work passionately to make a profound impact in our world. Our financial contributions focus on key sustainability and social causes, including: Education, Health, Social and Wellness, Cultural Initiatives, Veteran/Military Support, and Volunteerism. To see a list of some of our primary giving initiatives, click the tabs below.

Education is a cornerstone of the American Dream. Skills and knowledge are the tickets to self-sufficiency, personal fulfillment and civic participation. Strong educational outcomes lead to strong democratic, economic and social systems. The Albemarle Foundation recognizes the important skills which can be obtained from a solid educational foundation, including critical thinking and data analysis. We also recognize the assistance needed in the classroom and beyond to move the needle, be a change agent and make a true positive difference in our communities.

At Albemarle we embody “Powering Potential”-through our products, our employees and our commitment to the communities where we live and operate and nothing powers potential more than education or knowledge.

Here are a few educational initiatives we proudly support:

Carolina Youth Coalition / Baton Rouge Youth Coalition

CYC prepares high achieving underserved youth to enter, excel in and graduate from college. A key phrase you’ll hear at CYC from the students who have made a commitment to the program….“I’ve Chosen”…. These are powerful words coming from students who by circumstances could have felt defeated with little direction and even less motivation. Instead, they choose to be a part of CYC, to write their OWN story, NOT the story read to them. Albemarle Foundation is very proud to play a role in the launch of Carolina Youth Coalition in Charlotte. And, for our role in assisting the Baton Rouge Youth Coalition reach goals and targets set for their student fellows. This is what Growing the Good is all about!

communities in schools

Powering potential through a transformational partnership with Communities in Schools (CIS) that connects youth to social capital, this model will identify, support and create lifelong learners and civic engaged leaders. The initiative will support a comprehensive differentiated services model of support that will launch a positive trajectory for success in school and life.

Tying closely in to the mission of surrounding students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. CIS is committed to helping students achieve success in school and continue their college education or other post-secondary training. As a result, the youth in our communities are better equipped to find meaningful employment, lead productive, gratifying lives, and become contributing members of our society.

Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement is a volunteer-delivered, kindergarten-12th grade program which fosters work-readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills, and experiential learning to inspire students to dream big and reach their potential.