US Non Profits


Please complete this survey to determine your grant program eligibility before submitting an application to the Albemarle Foundation.

Is your organization listed as a tax exempt 501c3 nonprofit recognized by the Internal Revenue Service? Or are you a Public/Private school or School District located within the United States?


Does your organization reside in and serve a community in which Albemarle employees live and work?

  • Magnolia, Arkansas
  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • New Johnsonville, Tennessee
  • Silver Peak, Nevada
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Kings Mountain, North Carolina
  • Bayport, Texas
  • Clear Lake, Texas
  • Pasadena, Texas

Does your organization fall within one of the 3 primary pillars of the Albemarle Foundation?

Future Workforce and Education

  • Education is a cornerstone of the American Dream. Skills and knowledge are the tickets to self-sufficiency, personal fulfillment and civic participation. Strong educational outcomes lead to strong democratic, economical and social systems. The Albemarle Foundation recognizes the important skills obtained from a solid science foundation, including critical thinking, analyzing data and as a change agent.
  • Goal – To strengthen and improve educational opportunities and resources in our communities.
  • Focus – Engage in partnerships to play a unique role as a catalyst for improvement in our educational systems.

Social and Health Services

  • It is critically important to support programs and organizations that meet the community’s basic needs. By enhancing the quality of life for people in our community, they are more empowered to achieve personal growth, development and overall success, individually and beyond.
  • Goal – Funds are used effectively and efficiently to relieve distress in the community and to help individuals and families overcome barriers to achieving their potential as members of the community.
  • Focus – Council addresses and determines efforts and funding on five basic areas of human services:
    • Building Healthy Communities
    • Investing in Our Youth
    • Meeting Basic Needs
    • Strengthening Lives
    • Striding Toward Independence

Cultural Resources and Advocacy

  • The arts stimulate a community to explore values and ideals. Similar to science and technology, the arts emphasize imagination and creativity. The Albemarle Foundation is a supporter of programs designed to integrate science and the arts and as an advocate of arts education.
  • Goal – To provide opportunities for artistic, community education and specific experiences to the people in our community through funding arts education, jobs, programs, and events.
  • Focus – Council addresses and determines efforts and funding on the basis of applications submitted and community impact.

If you have answered YES to the above criteria, you are eligible to submit a request for funding from the Albemarle Foundation.

Grant Application

Please note: All applications received are reviewed and further screened within 2 weeks of submission to determine eligibility.

Eligible grants <$2,500 are forwarded to the appropriate site council and further reviewed for final approval or denial. This process may take between 4-12 weeks depending upon number of requests and timing of council meetings. You will be contacted if additional information is needed.
Eligible grants >$2,500 may need approval by the Board of Directors. Grants are first vetted by appropriate site council then, if appropriate, proposed to the Board of Directors in January. Requests are accumulated and reviewed February - November for the following year fund distribution. NO new requests are reviewed December - January. *In some cases, a site has pre-approval from the board for certain types of grants >$2,500; if this is the case, the site will review and make final approval or denial within 4 – 12 weeks.

You have answered no to one or more of the questions in this survey. This means your organization is not eligible for a grant from the Albemarle Foundation.