Mercury Control in the Utility Industry


Albemarle is the Total Solutions Provider for Mercury Control

  • Test-proven performance.
  • Demonstrated results.
  • Standout technology.
  • Solid experience.
  • Only customer to offer all solutions:
    • Oxidizers
    • PAC (brominated and non-brominated)
    • Injection systems
    • Demonstration services

Albemarle is the largest U.S. bromine producer and one of the world’s leading suppliers of bromine and bromine-based products.  Albemarle’s Mercury Control Division supplies proprietary gas-phased brominated powdered activated carbon (PAC) sorbents, non-brominated PAC sorbents and bromine chemicals, as well as custom-designed Sorbent Injection Systems and full-scale trial capabilities.

Albemarle pioneered the development of gas-phase brominated powdered activated carbon (PAC) mercury sorbents and has a variety of products that offer low cost, proven mercury control to our customers. 

B-PAC is for use in facilities equipped with cold-side electrostatic precipitators (CS-ESP) or fabric filters for particulate control. B-PAC has been shown to have superior mercury removal performance to salt-impregnated PACs and, thus, to be more cost effective. 

C-PAC, a concrete-friendly temperature sensitive sorbent, is for use in boilers that require high levels of mercury removal but desired to maintain fly ash sales for use in cement.  C-PAC provides the same high mercury removal rate as our other gas-phase brominated mercury sorbents, but also has a minimal impact upon the air entrainment additives (AEAs) used to form bubbles in concrete. 

H-PAC is a mercury sorbent that is temperature insensitive at temperatures over 800°F.  Plain PAC and salt-impregnated PACs can begin to lose their mercury capture ability at temperatures as low as 300°F.  Gas-phase bromination is the key to the temperature insensitivity, since bromine resists the impact of flue gas oxygen. 


Featured Product
C-PAC™Introducing a tested, economical method to capture and remove high concentrations of mercury from existing cement kilns without material waste.
B-PAC™Injecting B-PAC, Albemarle’s brominated powdered activated carbon, into a polishing baghouse filter is a proven method for achieving very high capture rates in new plants.
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