Mercury Control 

Albemarle's Mercury Control business is a full-service, solution provider to the coal-fired utility, cement, taconite, and industrial boiler markets.

We supply a variety of proprietary mercury sorbents, advanced sorbent injection systems, bromine chemicals for mercury removal, and mercury testing and demonstration services that allow us to develop advanced solutions for industries with difficult mercury challenges.

Our environmental leadership is proven. In a series of innovative full-scale trials funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, power plants using Albemarle Sorbent Technologies’ proprietary technology experienced highly effective mercury removal from their emissions streams.

For more information on Albemarle's Mercury Control products and services, please refer to the documents below.



Featured Product
C-PAC™Introducing a tested, economical method to capture and remove high concentrations of mercury from existing cement kilns without material waste.
B-PAC™Injecting B-PAC, Albemarle’s brominated powdered activated carbon, into a polishing baghouse filter is a proven method for achieving very high capture rates in new plants.
mercury control for cleaner energy brochure

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