Exposure Ranking Tool

Product Safety Management Priority Scheme Exposure Assessment Matrix

CriterionVery Low Exposure Potential: Score 1Low Exposure Potential: Score 2Medium Exposure Potential: Score 3High Exposure Potential: Score 4
Tonnage produced or imported mt/year10 to 100100 to 10001000 to 10,000> 10,000
PB properies (based on EU criteria Annex XIII REACH)not P, not B B or P (but not if P is due to metal or inorganic character)P and BvPvB
UseIntermediate only: Emission control, closed/strictrly controlled systemIndustrial: Emission control, technical measures, organisation wideProfessional, skilled trade: Emission of substance not intended, in matrix, adhesives, coatings etc.Consumer use or intentional releases
Sum of score≤ 34 to 67 to 98 to 12
Resulting environmental score: Division of upper limit of range by 31234
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