Protecting the Environment

Protecting the planet for future generations

As Albemarle’s global presence increases, so does our responsibility for protecting the environment. Each year our commitment to environmental performance has grown. We consistently challenge our team’s expertise and ingenuity to adapt how we work for the betterment of the environment.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ENERGY STAR® Partner

In 2014, Albemarle officially joined ENERGY STAR as a partner by making a fundamental commitment to protect the environment through the continuous improvement of our energy performance. We believe that an organization-wide energy management approach will help us enhance our financial health and aid in preserving the environment for future generations.

Industry recognition for energy efficiency

For two straight years, Albemarle facilities have been awarded the prestigious Energy Efficiency Award by the American Chemistry Council to high-performing Responsible Care® member companies.

In 2009, our Bayport, Texas and South Haven, Michigan facilities received awards for significant manufacturing improvements which increased energy efficiency.

Preserving nature for community enjoyment

In Tyrone, Pennsylvania, The Albemarle Nature Trail – a 3/4-mile loop through a 50-acre section of deciduous forest, open meadow and wetlands formed by a beaver dam on Cook Hollow Creek – is open to the public. This nature trail and wildlife habitat is home to a wide variety of animal and plant species, and future plans include an observation deck, educational amphitheatre for school groups and informational kiosks along the trail. Our Tyrone site has been a Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC)-certified Corporate Wildlife Habitat since 2008.

Enhancing Green Space in Local Forests

Albemarle’s team in the Netherlands continues to make a positive local impact. In 2009, we worked with the Foundation W.H. Vliegenbos, a non-profit preservation organization, to enhance the historic Vliegenbos Forest located in the heart of Amsterdam. Albemarle and our employees donated custom-made signage that provides directional information, as well as detailed descriptions of the various flora, fauna and wildlife featured within the forest – a community oasis that provides a much-needed green space and recreational area.

Wildlife habitat certification

Already certified by the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) since 2006, Albemarle’s Magnolia plants achieved Corporate Lands for Learning (CLL) certification in 2009. This prestigious designation recognizes the learning opportunities created by our commitment to environmental conservation and increasing native biodiversity across Magnolia’s 100-acre tract of reforested land and 70-acre artificially created marsh.

In 2008, our Orangeburg, South Carolina, and Magnolia, Arkansas, plant sites were among honorees.

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