VECAP – Albemarle, together with other producers implemented a unique product stewardship program for its flame retardants.

VECAP is an innovative and excellence-driven way of doing business, based on ISO 14001 principles. It demonstrates the commitment of the industries involved to act in the interest of society and the environment while enhancing the competitiveness of local industries. The program was started in the UK by BSEF (Bromine Science and Environmental Forum). VECAP uses basic tools to help users of chemicals understand where material is used and intentionally or unintentionally discarded. The VECAP process is focused on measuring and reducing emissions during use, and is fundamentally a continuous improvement system. It is designed to be cost effective and simple to implement.

Over the last years, Albemarle has conducted VECAP surveys at our Brominated Flame Retardant customers in China, Europe, Japan, Korea and North America. Approximately 90% of the volume sold in those regions or countries was covered with surveys.

VECAP Certification

In February 2015, our main bromine manufacturing site in Magnolia, Arkansas, was VECAP re-certified (2009 original certification) by third-party Bureau Veritas. Our Safi, Jordan, manufacturing center and Baton Rouge Process Development Center also received VECAP certification in February 2014 and January 2015, respectively.

VECAP Reports and Literature

Additional VECAP Information can be found at

VECAP reports dating back to 2006 can be found at under "Publications". The Code of Good Practice, brochures and posters can also be downloaded in multiple languages from this regularly updated site.

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