FCC Catalysts

Albemarle provides a full range of FCC catalysts for all applications. Albemarle FCC catalysts feature premium components, including one or more of the full range of Albemarle-developed zeolites (ADZ) and matrices (ADM). Catalyst performance is enhanced by applying appropriate metal trapping technology and by using unique manufacturing technologies that ensure that a catalyst provides high accessibility for the feed molecules to the zeolite and the matrix for maximum bottoms cracking.

Albemarle has developed and produces some of the highest-accessibility (i.e., best mass transfer/diffusion properties) catalysts on the market. Our technical service specialists will help you in the selection process and then provide guidance to help you achieve your profit goals.

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Catalyst is ideal for refiners who want to maximize total liquid product while improving octane and C4 olefins. 

Catalyst for high propylene yield.
Highest accessibility family of residual catalysts designed for heavy feed and diffusion-limited operations.
UPGRADER™ MD Family of residual catalysts with high accessibility designed maximum middle distillates.

Catalyst for the resid market with enhanced accessibility and delivers low delta coke.

Catalyst for the resid market that provides the benefits of CORAL plus additional metals tolerance.

Catalyst for the VGO market offering improved gasoline selectivity while significantly reducing delta coke.

AMBER™Catalyst for the VGO market providing maximum accessibility, vanadium tolerance and bottoms conversion.
AMBER™ MDCatalyst for the VGO market providing maximum accessibility and maximum middle distillate production.
The Granite™ technology platform is based on a novel matrix/binder system, which expands the catalyst formulation window and enables refiners to maximize their profitability

Albemarle Accessibility Index
Albemarle Accessibility Index (AAI)AAI measures the diffusional properties of a catalyst. A higher AAI catalyst is better equipped to crack bottoms and reduce deleterious secondary reactions.



Featured Product
DuraSOx™Highly attrition-resistant SOx reduction additive without performance compromise
catalyst courier


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