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Albemarle provides a full range of FCC additives. Albemarle’s FCC additives focus on selective yield improvement and cost-effective environmental compliance. BCMT™ additives are designed for improving bottoms cracking and the metals tolerance of the FCC unit’s inventory while optimizing either gasoline or LCO yield. DuraZOOM™ and PROvantage™ additives enable refiners to maximize propylene yield from the FCC unit and to increase the octane of the FCC gasoline blend component.

Environmental compliance is obtained through lower SOx emissions from using KDSOx® and DuraSOx™ additives in full combustion FCC units. SOxMASTER™ is a leading additive for partial-combustion units and does not negatively affect the heat balance and unit conversion. KOC-15™ additive provides excellent combustion promotion at low cost, and ELIMINOx™ is the premier combustion promoter solution chosen by refiners also facing NOx emission limitations.

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Attrition resistant maximum propylene and octane enhancement additive.
BCMT™ 500Maximum bottoms cracking and metals tolerance optimized for gasoline yield with no delta coke impact.
PROvantage™Olefin/Octane maximizer with without dilution effect normally associated with high levels of traditional ZSM-5 additives.
SMOOTHFLOW™Fluidization aid for process upsets and startup assistance.
DURASOx™Highest activity full burn SOx reduction additive designed for maximum SOx reduction per kg of additive and loss-sensitive units.
ELIMINOx™The first non-Platinum CO promoter to be approved by the US EPA for effective afterburn control and lower NOx emissions.
Cost effective SOx reduction for full burn FCCUs.
KOC-15™Platinum based CO promoter with a long history of proven performance.
The only SOx reduction additive that is rare earth free and does not negatively affect the heat balance and conversion of partial combustion FCCUs.

Featured Product
DuraSOx™Highly attrition-resistant SOx reduction additive without performance compromise
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