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STAX® technology from Albemarle applies understanding of hydroprocessing chemistry to optimizing unit performance. Catalyst selection and catalyst system design are determined according to the reaction chemistry and process conditions in each part of the reactor. This enables the catalyst system to be fine-tuned to meet performance and process objectives. 

STAX® defines the reactor as a series of Zones. Insight in hydrotreating kinetics consolidated in the STAX proprietary kinetic model allows us to unravel the critical parameters that determine the performance of a catalyst in each reactor’s zone. Together with activity, stability of the loaded system is a crucial factor when selecting the proper catalyst load.  Studies by Albemarle — complemented by commercial experiences — have provided significant insight into what combination of catalyst parameters and process conditions lead to a stable operation over the full cycle. Balancing start-of-run performance with cycle length is indeed an essential element of the STAX® technology and in the development of new catalyst grades.

By means of STAX®, Albemarle engineers are able to design the right loading scheme for each situation taking into account process objectives, economics and constraints as hydrogen availability or feed contaminants. In addition, STAX® allows Albemarle researchers to link performance to specific catalyst functionalities and properties. This information is applied routinely by Albemarle R&D for developing improved catalyst grades for the refining industry.

Below is an example of Albemarle's STAX system concept applied to a ULSD reactor.


By understanding where these key reactions occur, optimal catalyst system designs can be created to meet the specific needs of every customer.  

Examples of unique design features include catalyst systems that meet:

  • Maximum hydrodesulfurization with constrained hydrogen consumption
  • Maximum cetane uplift up to the unit’s hydrogen limit
  • Maximum cycle length at a specific sulfur target
  • Simultaneous sulfur and volume gain targets

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