KF 780:
The All-rounder

We work hard to understand  each client’s unique challenges and goals and are eager to introduce newest addition to our portfolio of Intelligent Catalysts. Introducing  KF 780 STARS®, new from Albemarle R&D. 

KF 780 is the latest addition to Albemarle’s hydroprocessing catalyst portfolio and is ideal for cascading in different applications. KF 780 is applicable as both a standalone catalyst and in various STAX® configurations, utilizing Albemarle’s proprietary reactor loading technology.


An all-rounder catalytic solution for distillate and VGO hydrotreating

KF 780 is a high-activity desulfurization catalyst in the STARS catalyst family with an extremely high metals efficiency. This step-out feature was achieved via improved metals dispersion and tailored distribution of active sites coupled with better pore accessibility.

This new, novel catalyst was specifically designed to achieve very high stability — in even the most demanding conditions — throughout the entire commercial cycle.


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Our approach is composed of:

  • Our people’s intense focus on uncovering the unique requirements and opportunities facing each client
  • Our proprietary approach to catalyst application and loading design, led and continually refined by our specialized team
  • A true partnership with clients, with ongoing support, delivering optimized and sustained performance over time
  • Making our clients successful is what drives each one of us – every day 
“KF 780 STARS is applicable over an extended range of process conditions. Its operational flexibility and economical fill cost make it ideal for refiners looking to expand their margins.Luca Moraca
Business Director
VGO FCC-Pretreatment
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